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  • DocuFly


    DocuFly – Autonomous inspection of offshore wind turbines for defect identification DocuFly is a drone company concept with the idea of specializing in machine learning image technology. Long-term goal – Autonomous release of drones. DocuFly utilizes drones to be deployed from the nacelle or another location of the wind turbine where it is protected from… Read more

  • Gas leak at Nord stream 1 and 2

    Gas leak at Nord stream 1 and 2

    The gas leak at Nord stream 1 and 2 undersea pipelines have been observed on the 26’th of September 2022. Nord stream gas pipelines The Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines are undersea pipelines capable of supplying the European union with gas from Russia. The pipelines, location of leaks and dates can be seen on… Read more

  • Effective investment strategies for climate adaptation

    Effective investment strategies for climate adaptation

    In this blogpost we consider effective investment strategies for climate adaption considering the case study of earthquakes across Japan. We investigate the historic lessons learned based on investments done in the past to prevent and mitigate future losses. Combating future climate change induced natural disasters require effective investment strategies, thus this post takes Japan as… Read more

  • Tsunamis. The what, when and where.

    Tsunamis. The what, when and where.

    Tsunamis the what, when and where. In this blogpost information about tsunamis are given explained through use of a case-study of the 2011 Tsunami Read more

  • Rossby waves causing atmospheric heat flow

    Rossby waves causing atmospheric heat flow

    By analyzing the upper atmosphere wind flows, it has been discovered that the high altitude, slow, drunkenly meandering undulations of the flow patterns transporting heat across the planet. This pattern is referred to as a Rossby wave, named after the Swedish born, American meteorologist called Carl-Gustav Arvid Rossby. The influence on the weather from this… Read more

  • Cloudburst in Roskilde

    Cloudburst in Roskilde

    In this blogpost we examine a marginal cloudburst event specifically focused on the Roskilde municipality in Denmark. The event occurred on the 26-28’th of August across the entirety of Roskilde city. The cloudburst event in Roskilde Recently, there have been an extreme cloudburst event in the Roskilde Municipality which turned out to correspond to a… Read more