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  • A blog post

    A blog post

    In this blog post we consider how to write a successful blog post. We will try and answer common questions in relation to writing successful blogposts. Some of the questions we will address are: So strap in as we take on this journey of the blogging universe. What frameworks exists for writing blogpost? Before starting… Read more

  • Natural materials – clay

    Natural materials – clay

    In this blogpost we will explore one of the most common natural materials in the world, clay. What is clay? Clay is a natural fine-grained material which smoothens out easily under pressure and is often filled with water. The composition of clay is typically filled with minerals such as kaolinite, etc. these minerals are important… Read more

  • Soil characteristics – sand

    Soil characteristics – sand

    In this blogpost we dive deeper into the soil characteristics of one of the most common construction materials – Sand. Throughout this blogpost we will try and characterize sand as a building and natural material. Why is sand called sand Lets start of with a small history lesson of why sand is called sand in… Read more

  • Earthquake proofing buildings

    Earthquake proofing buildings

    In this blogpost we will try and answer some questions in relation to earthquake proofing buildings using different materials and tools. Earthquakes in short Earthquakes are disastrous events influencing people, infrastructure and houses. The most prone areas to earthquakes are lie at fault lines where epicenters of earthquakes usually happen, see Figure 1 and 2… Read more

  • Earthquake epicenters

    Earthquake epicenters

    In this blogpost we will try and explain how to calculate earthquake epicenters with examples of measurement systems and methodologies. Tectonic plates The Earth can be subdivided into different ‘floating’ parts called tectonic plates. This subdivision follows three different main mechanism as explained in the figure below outlining the tectonic plates. These tectonic plates move… Read more

  • ChatGPT – Top 10 usages

    ChatGPT – Top 10 usages

    In previous blogposts we have examined top 10 misconceptions about the chatbot, ChatGPT, see for your own usage. In this blogpost we consider the top 10 usages for the ChatGPT chatbot based on its own suggestions for its own usages! Throughout this blogpost, we make use of the features from ChatGPT where certain paragraphs… Read more